Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only shoot women?
My boudoir sessions are generally designed to be a celebration of women's bodies.  You may interpret that as it suits you.  (Please know, I offer a safe and welcoming space for all women who may be at any stage in their process of gender transitioning or non-binary individuals.)   I am also happy to hold men's sessions ("Dudior") or couples' sessions.  


What if I want my photos kept private?
While there is a clause in my contract allowing me to publicly post your photos, I will NEVER post or share photos of you anywhere publicly if requested not to. This can be discussed discussed during our initial consultation and the clause changed if need be, or you can agree to have your photos added to a private gallery shared only with potential clients who ask to see it.  
Please keep in mind, however,  that after seeing how gorgeous you look in your  photos you may very well change your mind about keeping them to yourself!!
I'm really nervous and have no idea about how to pose!  Will I look awful?
The women you see in my portfolio are not professional models!  They are ordinary women, like you, with normal bodies that have enjoyed great food, birthed children and survived illness and trauma.  Its completely expected and normal that you will be nervous, terrified even, and feeling very awkward at the start of your session!  Getting your kit off is not always easy!  It is my job to pose you and use the light to make you look amazing!  During our session, I will give you clear instructions, or even demonstrate how I'd like you move and pose.  All you need to do is relax and let us do the work!   You'll soon relax and start to enjoy the process and be amazed at the results!
Of course, If it makes you feel more comfortable, you are very welcome to have a friend with you!
Will my images be photoshopped?
I will often edit photos for stylistic effect and to improve the image or smooth out skin tones.  My goal, however, is to celebrate the female body in all its natural glory and therefore will not use photoshop to change anything about you.   Exceptions to this would sometimes be scars, blemishes or bruises or even tattoos that you may request to be removed which can be discussed during our consultation.
What should I wear?  Do I really need to be undressed?
What to wear is entirely up to you.  Traditionally, boudoir photos involve posing in your underwear, and in the past often involved stocking and suspenders.   I want you to wear something that makes you feel sexy, sensual and yet pushes your personal boundaries, wherever those boundaries may be. I recommend heading to your local lingerie shop and finding something that makes you feel gorgeous, but never discount the impact of simple things such a men's shirt, or (gasp!) nothing at all!!   
We can also be as creative as you like and I am currently expanding my collection of accessories for those who would like to push to boat out, so to speak!

I'm dieting right now. Should I wait until I've lost some weight before I book my shoot?
Quick answer...No!   
I believe passionately that a women's beauty is not connected to her size. Women of all shapes are valuable and worthy of  self-love.   You deserve to love your body now, as it is, with all its flaws.
If you are, however, on a journey of fitness and self-improvement, great!  Don't however, feel you have to wait until the end of your journey (if, indeed there ever is one!) to love yourself and your body. A boudoir session may be just what you need to give you the boost of confidence you need and is incredibly motivating!!

Do you offer Group Boudoir Parties?
Yes!  Get a group of friends together, pour some bubbly, have a pamering make-over and some gorgeous photos! Doesn't that sound fun!?  Its a perfect treat before a night out or for a hen-do!  Contact me to discuss hosting a boudoir party!

If you have any questions I have not answered or you want to know more about anything already mentioned,  don't hestate to contact me for a chat!