Photography for Parents Workshop

I became seriously interested in photography when I became a parent and I'm not alone. With photography being such an accessible hobby, many, many people are drawn to the ability to take countless gorgeous photos of their families, documenting every change and event that goes by. There are many wonderful entry-level DSLR cameras on the market and quite often these are amongst the first purchases when preparing for the arrival of a new baby, as much as a cot or pushchair! Were you one of these people? Often, having spent hundreds of pounds on a new DLRS, many parents start with such motivation and are so looking forward to those beautful images they're going to share with friends and family! Unfortunately the reality can be much different! There are so many settings and buttons! Lord knows a new parent has no time to read the manual let alone take a 6 week photography course to learn how to use their new kit! The camera setting ends up staying on "auto" and, while much crisper than the photos taken on a mobile phone or point and click cameras, the photos are still a bit "meh". If this sounds familiar to you, then you are welcome to join me for a morning, of learning how to get the most out of your camera geared specifically for parents!

Afterwards you will be well on your way to taking those pictures of your family you've always wanted!

We will discuss camera settings, lighting, composition in a straight forward no-nonsense way. Its ok if you're not interested in the technical stuff (neither am I!!!) and find it really boring (So do I!!!) but we'll get you though it with smiles and fun and even try out some of what we've learned! Its going to be a really FUN morning! There will be coffee and biscuits too! I won't be just sending you on your way when its done either! Oh, no! You will be welcome to join a private facebook page where I will provide some ongoing support! Please let me know if you'd like to reserve a space. Or use the contact form on the website Hope to see you then!!

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