Capturing the Not-So-Terrible Twos! (Toddler Lifestyle Photography!)

I have two year old! They are equal parts gorgeous and lovely and horrific! They can also make really fantastic and fun photography models! No, really! Recently, I met two-year-old William at his home near Exeter. William's Mum was disappointed with studio-based sessions they'd done in the past. It can be very difficult for very small people to sit for a studio portrait session. Sessions can be fraught and stressful for Mum and Dad as they struggle to get their little one to sit and smile when all the child really wants to do is either explore or LEAVE! Not a fun experience for anyone and the results can often be a photo of a grumpy confused toddler!During William's session I let him play in his own environment and tried my best to take photos inconspicuously. I didn't want him to be nervous at what I was doing! Instead of being fraught and anxious we had fun in the garden and he enjoyed showing me things in his bedroom! There is no other age like the Twos and caring for them is REALLY hard work. They are fast and curious and emotional. We, as parents often find it very difficult to remember to take the time to enjoy it, let alone take photos to capture it! That's my job! Here are a few of my favourites!

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