Natural Newborns - The Rise of Lifestyle Newborn Photography

The trend right now in Newborn Photography is definitely posed portraits. We love to see new babies curled up in baskets and tightly woven in clothes, covered in flowers. I trained in Newborn Photography posing and safety (Side Note: If you are looking for a newborn photographer, PLEASE look for someone who is very experienced and trained in posing babeis safely!!) however, soothing babies into a deep sleep was something I simply didn't have the patience for and I was not enjoying my newborn sessions the way I should be! As a mobile photographer, frequently travelling to clients homes, it was not very convenient to be loading my car up with endless props and blankets and studio lights for every session! I started taking a more lifestyle approach to my newborn sessions and I haven't looked back!! What is a Newborn Lifestyle session, you might ask? Lifestyle sessions have really taken off in North America and is slowly gaining traction here in the uk. The aim is to photograph, as best as possible, that exciting period of time when a family welcomes a new tiny person into their lives. While there is a small amount of posing and direction, photos are generally natural and capture everyday life as it happens including the love and bond between family members and the joy of having a new baby! While many posed portraits include unnatural poses created through composite images in photoshop, Lifestyle Photography captures baby just as they are, awake or asleep, happy or grumpy!

What will happen during a session? When I arrive for newborn session, I will generally have a look around a clients home for the best possible light. I warn clients ahead of time that the best light for the best photos is usually found in the master bedroom or baby's room. I then spend between 1 to 2 hours photographing family and new baby in the comfortable setting of their own home using only available light. I like to think that while posed newborn photos are indeed beautiful, lifestyle photos are the ones that you will look back on for many many years and will evoke the memories and feeling of that special time in your family's life. If you have any questions or wish to book a newborn session, please let me know!

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