Connecting to My Roots with Photography

Well, hello spring! Our family is bidding farewell to a very hectic winter full of so much adventure! February saw us journeying all the way to Northern Ontario to visit my family which was a pretty amazing epic adventure! One long drive to London, one extremely and inexplicably long flight to Toronto and ANOTHER flight and we were finally in Thunder Bay with two exhausted and excited children!! They've never experienced snow before and boy, was there lots of it to experience! They've also never experienced -25c before! You can see photos from our journey on my personal Instagram page here : It was wonderful! I wanted to share with you some photos from a very special session we did while we were there. One thing that was very important for us while we were there, was that the kids learned a bit about their heritage and where they come from, something that gets missed growing up far from their extended family. My family is Metis (May-Tee), which, broadly speaking, is a class of First Nations formed from aboriginal people and the first European settlers to Canada. And it just so happens that my sister has a collection of traditional clothing. So we dressed the children, including my Nephew, Andy, and forced them out into the freezing, cold, minus-20-something, for a photo shoot. Lucky for them, Metis clothes, including the traditional, signature red wool coat and woven red sash, are made perfectly for -25...and our ancestors had no central central heating! Yeesh!

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