Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I've been a family and children's photographer for a number of years. Its been great, but there has been something missing. You know that feeling? The one where you can't quite put your finger on it, but what you're doing isn't making you as happy as you should be. That was me. I've had a passion for boudoir photography for a number of years and I've been plucking up the courage to take the leap of faith needed to really go for it and change my business entirely! So I did!! But what exactly IS boudoir? And why the AF would anyone want to lie around in their knickers having photos taken of their wobble bits??? Dee, are you bloody freaking MAD, woman!? Lets tackle these awfully good questions, shall we!? I suppose you could say, simply, that boudior is having sexy photos taken of you in your underpants, and, yes, that would be true. It would also be an incredible simplification of what boudoir is! I often see photographs of hardly dressed women labled as "boudoir" (taken most often by men, I won't lie) when they are clearly not. There is Glamour and there is Boudoir and while on the surface, the two might appear similar, they are vastly different.


Glamour photography has one goal; to sexualize women in a way that titilates its audience ( Period. That's it. Boudoir Photography attempts to go deeper, to capture real women as themselves and give them a different perception of their bodies. Its an opportunity for empowerment and to re-assess where they fit in a world that so constantly demonizes (or outright ignores) women of certain shapes and ages. Boudoir gives women space and an opportunity to rekindle a positive relationship with themselves as gorgeous, sexual, beautiful creatures, when that feeling is so often lost to life of caring for others. The images can be alluring and mysterious or cheeky and fun, but they are always an initmate look into who this women might be when she is in private, away from her worldly responsibilities.

On a daily basis I hear from women, fellow mums, commenting on their body, that incredible vessle that brought their children into the world. Large, small, young, old; almost never are those comments positive and I find that deeply sad. Ladies, we are walking around hating ourselves and it has to stop! "I'd love to do something like that, but obviously its not for women" I've heard this a so often in the short time I've started this business. Its the assumption that boudoir is for "pretty people" but not for them. The reality is that if this sounds like you, then you are EXACTLY the client I want to see!! There is more beauty and value to you than you realise! Yes, I mean YOU! Boudoir sessions are fun, laid back and a total giggle. I control everything so you never have to worry about how you look or how you're posing. We can even pamper you with a pre-shoot make-over! Want to know more??? Get in touch and have a chat!! Start a new relationship with yourself and your body that you never thought was possible!

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