Happy New Year! (Lockdown 3.0!)

Happy New Year!! Is it though?

Here I was ready to plough head first in to my New Year's business tasks and regain some footing that was lost in the past year.

I won't lie, my reaction to Boris' announcement and the prospect of more homelearning was something like:

So what now? Well, the good news for me is that I very rarely shoot photos in January through to March anyway on account of the weather. I normally use this time for all sorts of boring admin and website updating. So, business as usual. The trick will be how to continue working and helping with school work at the same time! Thankfully our school gave us a today to do what we need to do to set up and come to terms with the situation. (Cry, drink, scream into void etc...) And thankfully, this time around we have a whole new system to ease homelearning into something more streamlined and efficient. Super easy, just log into Google Teams and hunt around for the correct file, folder, page; Is in Activities? Messages? Do we need a login? We upload what to where?? Where I am? Who am I? Where's the leftover Christmas Gin? Looks, its all confusing, its all new, not a single one of us knows what we're doing!

Its OK!

My children's education will likely regress with my as a teacher rather than move forward but that's OK. For us, as long as I've added structure to their day and we've given it our very best shot, then I'm happy. If you have to work from home, and that suffers, forgive yourself. If you're kids are playing minecraft all day, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not making everything perfect. You're healthy, you're alive, your safe. My advice, and I mean this so passionately; make your and your kids' mental health your priority because at the end of the day, without that you have nothing. Come on, troops! We did this before and we can and will do this again!

I believe in you!

I know its become a cliché, but we really are in this together! And if all else fails, remember, the vaccines are coming and we're getting out of this!

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