The ADHD Business Superpower

Updated: Jun 30

I think most of us have had some sort of revelation about themselves this past year. For me it was the confirmation of my niggling suspicion that, in fact, suffer from ADHD and have done my entire life. While ADHD tends to be identified by parents of little boys who can't sit still, it almost always goes undiagnosed in girls who then become grown, undiagnosed women who, like myself, spend their entire lives wondering why they never seem to live up to expectations or why they seem to be different than everyone else. It has affected every aspect of my life. Work, relationships, education, diet...EVERYTHING. I'll be honest, I'm still grappling with this discovery, but the idea that failings that I (and teachers, family, friends tbh) had attributed to being "just not good enough" was actually often the result of a genuine hidden learning disability is mind-blowing to say the least. Its finally an answer to my life-long question, "Why am I like this?!" and its the start of a huge change for me in how I do life! Running a business with adhd can be a struggle. I find it difficult to focus or regain focus once interupted, spell checking copy is out of the question (as you'll probably pick up on here!) and I can be very disorganized or super-organized depending on situation. Most of my day is spend looking for my phone, notebook, keys or where I put my coffee down! However, I'm also learning that rather than a disability, running a business with ADHD can be a superpower! Like many women with ADHD I am extremely creative and am constantly being overloaded with a flood of ideas constantly. This can be overwhelming and exhausting or I can learn how to harness ideas and turn them to produce amazing things!

I'm learning to put strategies in place to help guide me through what would for most people be a normal work day. I love notebooks and use them to write down EVERYTHING I’m doing or about to do. I use timer apps to help focus my productivity. Most importantly, I've let others close to me know where my weaknesses lie and the areas where I might need help without feeling guilty about it. For example, my husband now knows to tread very carefully in his approach when I look like I'm involved in a task and that I quick wave of the hand is not rudeness, but a signal. If I'm distracted or lose my focus, the entire task may be lost forever to the whirlwind forever going on inside my brain.

Do you have something about you that you feel holds you back from success and achieving your goals? Perhaps its depression or anxiety, personality disorder or even falling on the autistic spectrum. Is there a way that, instead of viewing it as a barrier, you can transform it into the thing that makes you the most powerful you can be? Embrace all the thing that make you YOU, even the things that might need some continual work. After all, these are the things that make you who you are and just might be the very thing that makes your business uniquely yours! I

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