What is Boudoir Photography?

'Boudior' is french word meaning a woman's private sitting room or bedroom, an intimate  space used for dressing and relaxing away from the eyes of others.  Boudior Photography is a confidence boosting celebration of the essence of that space, capturing women in a sensual, beautiful and alluring way, a way they may not have ever envisioned themselves.
There are a number of reasons why someone may have a boudoir session.
It can be a  tantalizing gift for a partner or groom-to-be, but more often than not, women see boudoir images as a gift to themselves.  It is a reminder of, or an introduction to, the sensual, beautiful person they are and way of seeing your body from someone else's perspective. Boudoir photography is not glamour photography nor is it pornography.  It is a powerful method of confronting the negative and toxic messages women recieve about size, age and physical "Perfection", empowering women to see the beauty and value in themselves. 
A boudoir session may be a celebration of a landmark birthday, over-coming illness or grief or simply a gift to yourself to say thank you.   A boudoir session is also a wonderful gift for female friends who you feel may enjoy and  benefit from it.
Women often leave their sessions feeling eurphoric, confident and envigorated  and take with them beautifully sexy and images they can return to over and over as a reminder of that feeling whenever they feel they need it.

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