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Fun and VibrantPhotography for Big-Hearted Families in Devon

I believe family photography is an invaluable investment

Family life moves incredibly fast and is in constant change. 
Time gets lost, children grow, memories become forgotten.

Imagine if ther
e was a way to capture and preserve these glimmering and fleeting moments, not just for ourselves, but to leave behind a joyful legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Let me  craft the images that will immortalize and preserve the beauty of this precious time, allowing you to cherish it for a lifetime.

Dee Studholme-Cote Family Photography

Hi! My name is Dee!

I have been a professional photograper for more than 10 years and in that time have photographed hundreds of families and school children across Devon and beyond.

Young or old, not everyone enjoys having their photo taken!
It can feel awkward and intimidating.  Kids can act up making it all feel stressful. You can find yourself worrying about how you might look and bits of you that might make you feel insecure in front of the camera.
Look,  I get it!

My goal is to make my sessions as fun as possible!  Genuine joy and laughter make for the best photos!  No "cheese" here please!
I have worked with many children of all neurotypes and diversities and I'm not the least bit daunted by the ones with a little "extra energy"!
I always have few tricks up my sleeve and can usually convince even the most unwilling toddler to get that shot you'll love!

I am a Mum of two and I know that, for Mums in particular, there are often bits of ourselves that we may not want to draw attention to!  I can relate and I'm here to listen and work with you to get that image of yourself and your family that you're proud to show off!

I also offer a %100 guarantee, so if you do not adore your images, we can re-shoot or you can have your money back!

If you any questions, just use the button below to send me message or schedule a chat!

Is there a special place your family likes to visit?
As an outdoor, mobile photographer, I love taking advantage of our stunning local locations.  I think there is something wonderful about photographing families in locations that are meaningful to them, whether a local park or walking trail or even a home garden.
Unsure? Don't worry!  I'm happy to help or recommend locations that  I often use.



"Dee produced exceptional photos which we were all so pleased with. We loved the idea of natural shots taken at our home and were so pleased with the outcome. Dee is friendly and professional and l would recommend her highly!"
- Eve_
"Wow! Amazing photos!
Thank you so much!
They are superb!"
"We were thrilled with our family photoshoot and also with the Fairy photoshoot that Dee did with our daughter. We absolutely love that Dee uses such beautiful settings for her photoshoots instead of just boring backdrops in a studio. The settings make the photoshoot feel so much more relaxed and natural. Dee is friendly and professional and I would highly recommend her."

How it all works


Start by getting in touch!
You can ask me any questions, or we can arrange a date and time for your family's photo shoot!


I will send you a copy of my questionaire which will help me get to know your family a bit better.   I want to know all about you, who you are, your hobbies and places you like to visit.
This information helps to guide your session and make sure it all runs smoothly.  It also helps me to get the images that truly reflect your family and may help us decide on the best location for your session.


Its picture time!
We will meet at our chosen location for our scheduled shoot time.   Sessions usually last around 1 hour and are a lot of fun!


Within two weeks of your session, you will be sent a link to your own private gallery of around 20-25 beautiful,fully edited images of your family which (depending on your chosen package) you wil be able to download immediately.
There will also be a selection of gorgeous printed products to chose from!!

I strongly recommend having your favourite images created into stunning wall art!






Do you run a small business?

If you are a small business owner and you want to attract more of the right clients/customers, then be sure to visit my Personal Branding Photography page!

Turn your Favourite Images into Wall Art

I don't take photos so they can only be shown on your phone screen!

Imagine coming into home everyday to be greeting by a piece of art that shows your your family's love and bond;
a reminder, on the hardest days, why you do it all and who you do it for.
I work with the country's finest, award winning professional printers who create show-stopping wall art to suit every home and style.  The quality of their products cannot be compared to what you might find of your local high street or online!

Create a unique piece of art that will become the focal point of your home, or send heart-tugging gifts to family. 

Precious heirloom pieces, such as wooden print-boxes allow for prints to be kept and cherished for generations to come.

Dee Studholme-Cote Photography
Dee Studholme-Cote Photography Wall Art

What do you get?

I like to keep it simple by offering one package option.

Clients will recieve:

A pre-consultation by email or video chat along with my questionaire so that I can give you the most bespoke service possible!

Around 1 hour of shooting time at a location of  your choice (local to exeter).
A private gallery of around 25 high res images all beautifully edited and ready for you to download and keep.


You will also recieve access to selection of beautiful prints and products, all created by award-winning professional printers and framers.  
Average spend is between £350 and £1000. 
Worried about cost?  Payment plans are also available to suit any budget!
i sessions are also held throughout the year!
Be sure to follow me on Facebook to be the first to know about upcoming mini-sessions and other offers!


All for £350

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