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School Photography FAQ

1. How much does it cost?
There is not cost to the school.  Parents are able to choose from a wide variety of printed and digital products, including matted and framed prints and even key chains!  There is something to suit every budget and all prices are within industry standard.  I try to ensure prices are kept in line with what you might find from some of the more established country-wide school photography companies. 

2. What happens after the photos are taken?
After visiting your school, it takes around 7 days for the photos to be edited and uploaded to the third party provider who handles all sales.   Each parent will be issued with a proof card with their child's own unique code that can used to access their own private gallery from where they can purchase products.   Replacements for codes MUST be obtained through the school for security reasons.
All products will be delivered to the school for collection.

3. What about the weather?
We all know that being in the UK rain is an inevitablility at times.   This means that shooting outdoors can no doubt be risky! I think the results are worth the risk!   Cloudy is the best weather and I don't mind a bit of rains, but  I often book an alternate "rain day" for schools just in case!
On the days leading up to your   I will be keeping a close eye on weather and if it appears that it will be too terrible to continue I will be in contact ASAP to discuss rearranging.

4. Do you povide photos back to the school.
Yes!  I provide a image of each child back to the school to be used for database/SIMS purposes free of charge.

5. What is your GDPR/Privacy policy.
Working with children and schools means I take my privacy policy very seriously.
I collect no personal information about each child I photograph and there is no personal data connected to any image.
All images are stored and transferred securely and images are never shared online or in my marketing without explicit written consent.
If you'd like a more detailed look at my GDPR and Privacy Policy you can do so here!

6. Are you DBS Checked and Insured?

I hope this answers any questions but please feel free to contact me if you would like more information!


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